What Gives Us the Right?


First, there were reportedly weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – none were ever found.  Next, Iraq had ties to Al Qaeda terrorists – no connection was found.  Now, we are providing the Iraqis with the freedom and democratic government “they wanted”.


These are all “reasons” the Bush administration has given us for the war in Iraq.  And it sounds like the intention is for more of this around the world as the US spreads democracy and freedom.  There’s rumors of plans for an invasion of Iran.  Where else are we planning to impose our beliefs?


Now don’t get me wrong, I think our form of government (as flawed as it is) is the best in the world.  My question is “What gives us the right to impose this form of government on other sovereign countries?”


The cold war was all about resisting communism.  We were not going to have Russia dictate our form of government.  How would we feel if someone invaded our country and told us we were to set up an Islamic Country?,  or if China invaded the country to “free” our working class with a communist form of government?


What’s the difference between that and our imposing democracy on Iraq?