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Since the 2009 reunion was to be held in Scottsdale, AZ, I decided to make an extended trip.  The plan was to combine mountain  biking, photography, see the sites, visit a cousin and fraternity brother, in addition of attending the reunion. My stops on the way to Arizona were Dillon, CO (get past Denver), Durango, CO (where I spent 4 nights), Cortez, CO, Mexican Hat, UT, and Sedona, AZ.

Part of the trip was planned some 5 years ago.  After 4 days I was called home for my sister's funeral.  This year, I planned to complete that trip.

Durango is a well known mountain biking area. The 4 nights gave me time to acclimatize myself for the altitude and ride.  The short drive from Durango to Cortez included a visit to Mesa Verde and allowed me to check out more trails. Next was Four Corners and Bluff, UT.  Played tourist there on the way to my motel in Mexican Hat. Since I was in the area, drover over to Goosenecks State Park and Valley of the Gods.

From Mexican Hat, it was down to Monument Valley.  My original plans did not include a stop in Sedona.  I heard it is a good mountain biking area and came highly recommended by my fat tire friends.  Finally, after 8 nights on the, I arrived in Scottsdale for the reunion.



My apologies for missing taking photos of the shooters and the anglers.  I was back at the hotel from my ride, but had to make a trip to the room - and that's when the shooters left.  Regarding fishing, I am an early riser, but it was just too early for me.


Reunion Functions


Getting There and Home



Sedona, AZ

Durango, CO

Hospitality Room & Meals

Grand Canyon

 Mesa Verde


Desert Botanical Garden

 Cortez, CO to Mexican Hat, UT


Bicycle Rides

Monument Valley



 Sedona. AZ



Montezuma Castle & Walnut Canyon



 Petrified Forest



El Morro & El Malpais



 Albuquerque, NM



My plans after the reunion were a little more fluid. My goal was to spend some time in Albuquerque (heard it is a nice city - and I am looking for someplace I can more comfortable ride my bike year-around.  

I loved the riding in Sedona, so reserved a room there on my way to Albuquerque.  Continuing playing tourist, I hit several other National Parks and Monuments along the way.  Finally, I spent 4 nights in Albuquerque.  Not plan in the plans, but I drove home in one day (1040 miles).





Notes:  Any additional photos, please contact me - I would be happy to add them to the pages.




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