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Five years ago, I drove through Durango on my way to Silverton, CO. What I remembered most was the traffic. Seems like I couldn't wait to get out of town. Since a now take things slower (smelling the roses), I got to enjoy Durango.

My reason for stopping in Durango for 4 nights was mountain biking. The last time I rode in the Rockies was in Steamboat Springs, when I was new to mountain biking. Going from the flatlands of Iowa, I needed to acclimatize myself for the altitude.

I drove from Iowa to Dillon, CO.  Then down to Durnago.  Check the Dillon to Durango Photos page.

Lots of construction on Hwy 160 coming into Durango. Stop at the Visitor Center for info – they have trail maps.

Grabbed the bike and headed downtown to find the bike shops. Stopped by Mountain Bike Specialists - checking out the shop ride on Thursday evening. I found out that they are planning to ride a much more difficult trail than the trail on the web site. Guess I will have to scope out rides myself.

On the way back past my motel, to the local Trek dealer - Hassle Free Sports. The wrench did some adjustments to the shifter and read derailleur (was a little out of alignment).

During the ride, my heart rate was over the roof! Probably from missing a meal middle of the day and the altitude. Will have to watch this here.

Capped the day with too much food at The Olde Tymers Cafe downtown Durango. It was burger night. Had a burger, fries, a salad, and checked out the local brew (SKA Pinstripe). Chatted with "Cowboy Bruce", who gave me some recommendations.

I took a day playing “tourist” by riding the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Anyway, my first morning in Durango I boarded the train.

Back at the motel, the laptop was busy processing some 300 photos I took today. (See the D&SNGRR Photos page).

That night I was so tired that I did not even eat. Hungry very hungry in the morning - so I went to the Durango Diner for a hotcake and sausage. They are known for their large hotcakes. The one was enough for me this morning. (Could have eaten more, but did not want to stuff myself.)

Set out to check out Durango singletrack.

After dinner at The Diamond Belle, I crashed - big time. Woke up about 2am - not sleepy. Did some photo processing. Within an hour - back asleep. Didn't get up until 7am!

Breakfast at the Durango Diner. Eggs, sausage, toast and an awesome pile of hash browns. Visited bike shops a little. Found another mirror like I like - picked up one at Durango Cyclery. Another bike shop (2nd Ave Sports) had jersey in my size and a pair of nice long, baggy shorts.

My singletrack rides the next day continue on Durango singletrack.

My original plan was to drop off the bike and hike on the Colorado Trail later today. Don't think my legs would hand it - so decided to call it a day for riding. After all, more photos to process. Heading to Mesa Verde tomorrow.

This evening I was looking for a salad bar with dinner (keep my vitamin K in control). At the motel, they only knew of one - in an expensive restaurant. Searching the web, I found Beau Jo's . They are mostly a pasta & pizza place. I opted for the buffet. Had a good salad, a small helping of pasta, and several pieces of very good pizza. On top of that, the have a senior discount - $2 off the buffet. The only place I have seen in Durango that gives a senior discount. Find Bea Jo's southeast of downtown across from the Comfort Inn.

My schedule did not allow me to ride the ski lift trails – the mountain bike season started the day I left Durango for Cortez, CO.




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