Cortez, CO to Mexican Hat, UT



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After a very enjoyable ride on the Boggy Draw Trail, it was time to play "tourist:.  See more of the sights that I did not get to on my trip 5 years ago. The first spot was Four Corners.

Four Corners is the point in the US where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona meet.  The only place like it in the country.  There was some discussion that Four Corners was mis-located.  That has been found to be false.  Four Corners is where it is supposed to be. Four Corners is on Tribal land.  There is a fee to enter the area (As I recall it was $3 - June 09). Other than the marker. the area hosts a plethora of stands offering Native American jewelry and trinkets.






From there, it was a stop in Bluff, UT. Stopped at the Visitor's Information building.  

Checked into my motel in Mexican Hat.  Time to go see Goosenecks State Park and Valley of the Gods.

Go the the Valley of the Gods and Goosenecks State Park page for photos and discusion about these places.




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