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 Durango, Colorado Trails

One of the reasons I wanted to stop in Durango was to ride singletrack there.  I rode a little on the Colorado Trail.  Did two rides up Horse Gulch for the Telegraph Trail System.

 Cortez (Dolores) Colorado Trails

Was not sure if I would have time to ride in the area.  Sure glad I took the time.  Really enjoyed the Boggy Draw Trail ride.  Check out the trail photos and information about Cortez, CO.  Another recommendation given to me was to ride at Phil's World.  Maybe next time.

 Sedona, Arizona Trails

As I was planning my trip, I decided to check out Sedona (word was that it has some good mountian bike trails).  I enjoyed myself so much that I came back to Sedona on the way to Albuquerque. More about Sedona Trails on that page.

Scottsdale, Arizona Trails

June in the Phoenix area means EARLY morning bicycle rides.  My dirt ride was in the McDowell Mountain Park.  Friday of the reunion Paulette Cortez and I rode on the Scottsdale Bike Trail. Click to see information and photos of my rides in Scottsdale.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Trails

The hallmark of the Albuquerque trail system is the Paseo del Bosque Bike Trail. This is a paved, 16 miles trail along the Rio Grande River.  The other trail is started riding was the Foothills Trails. This is a dirt trail system in the foothills of the Sandia Mountians.  Photos of Albuquerque trails.




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