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This year, Echo returned to the North for the reunion - Mackinaw City, Michigan.  Our hosts were Jerry and Murial Smithwick.

On my way to the reunion, I visited my Mom and friends in Wisconsin.  This was the week of the floods and constant rain from Western Iowa to Eastern Wisconsin.  There was also flooding in N. Illinios, Indiana, and Central Michigan.  We got some showers, but not enough to impact reunion functions.

Tuesday, a large group headed up to Tahquamenon Falls.  The Falls were beautiful, the mosquitoes were relentless.  Wednesday we toured Mackinac Island - boat ride, carriage tour, Wings of Michigan, and lunch at the Grand Hotel.

There were the golf, fishing, and shooting tournaments.  I headed out to take a couple photos of the starts, then went my own way.  Thursday I toured Colonia Michilimackinac and the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse.  Friday, it was Historic Mill Creek and the Icebreaker Mackinac. In the evenings, there were the poker and bunko tournaments.Saturday,

I had signed up for the Big Mac Shoreline Spring Bike Tour.  I rode the 25 mile tour.  Great weather for the ride.  Finally, the meeting (no confirmation of next year's reunion) and banquet.

I rode my bike (Trek Fuel EX7 - full suspension) most of the places I went.  The trip to Tahquamenon Falls was too far - thanks for the ride, Hank & Mel.  Drove to take photos of golfing and fishing. Otherwise, everywhere I went, it was by bicycle. The only complaint I had was that the only place there were bicycle stands were along Huron St - and not many of them.

Reunion Functions




Tahquamenon Falls


Mackinac Island


Colonial Michilimackinac

Hospitality Room & Meals

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse


Historic Mill Creek


Mackinac Bridge


Icebreaker Mackinac


 Bike Tour


Notes:  Any additional photos, please contact me - I would be happy to add them to the pages.




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