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199th Light Infantry Brigade


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This was a great trip and reunion.  The weather was beautiful.  Good to see everyone again - and I met some first timers and some that had not attended the last 2 years.

I was planning to take the RV, making it a longer trip, but with the gas prices....  I settled on a couple extra days in Colorado mountain biking.  Looking at Crested Butte. Others told me that was a bit more advanced, but Steamboat Springs was nice.  That's where I went - and a extra benefit, 4 others from Echo where vacationing in Steamboat. Had a great 4 days riding, visiting, taking pictures, & hiking.  We even took in the rodeo.

The drive over to Estes Park was gorgeous. I took the scenic route along the Cache la Poudre River. The extra days days at Estes Park helped with getting settled, finding my bearings. I took a couple good hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park and a bike ride around Estes Park Lake. Echo Company started arriving for the reunion.

The re-packing and moving to Cheyenne was a hassle.  I checked out mountain bike trails and the Cheyenne Greenway. Riding, touring and the banquet kept me busy Saturday.  

This year, I skipped most to the planned recreational activities.  I was looking for different activies - so opted bicycling and hiking.  Previous years I was not healthy enough. Pictures of fly-fishing, skeet (trap) shooting, and golfing were taken by others. Credits are shown on those pages

Reunion Functions




Steamboat Springs, CO

Trap Shooting

 Estes Park, CO


Cheyenne, WY

Hospitality Room & misc.




Notes:  Any additional photos, please contact me - I would be happy to add them to the pages.





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