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The 2012 reunion was held at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas.  Figured it was a good year to make a long trip to the reunion.  Spent about 10 days getting to Las Vegas.  Most of the time was touring southern Utah parks, riding my bicycles, and taking photos.  That's why you see such a long list of places on "To and Home".

I took 10 days to drive from Iowa to Las Vegas.  On the way, I toured many national parks, national monuments, state parks, and scenic road/byways.  Had two bicycles (full suspension mountain bike and a road bike) with me.  Shot a lot of photos, most in High Dynamic Range.

My trip was planned around Utah's National Parks - Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce, and Zion.  Time was taken to ride my bicycles in some iconic places.  Sprinkled in some stops in state parks along the way.  Thanks for the Nation Park Service Senior Pass (lifetime fee of $10 once turned 62), I did not pay entrance fees at National Park Service sites.

Would have liked to do some hiking during the trip.  But, my left knee has been acting up.  So, most of the photos were taken close to the parking areas and road.  I passed on Zion National Park.  Drove the road from Bryce to Springdale, the park was a zoo.  Only parking was in town (not even at the visitor's center0.  Learned it was Fall Break.

The fishing tournament was cancelled for this year.  About the only place to fish here in the desert is Lake Meade.  It was just too much hassle to try getting group permits.

There were no group sightseeing excursions.  Stopped by Valley of Fire on the way into Las Vegas. I went in to Red Rock Canyon early in the week.  Several of the reunion group did the tour bus to Hoover Dam.  I stopped by Hoover Dam on the way out of town.

Please note the comments and editorializing is my own - not by the reunion hosts.

Reunion Functions


To and Home




Red Rock Canyon

Arches NP


Hoover Dam

Bryce NP

Fishing - cancelled

Valley of Fire

Canyonlands NP

Hospitality Room & Meals

Las Vegas Bike Rides

Capitol Reef NP



Colorado National Monument



Cedar Breaks Nat. Monument



Dead Horse Point SP



Goblins Valley SP



Kodachrome Basin SP



Utah Bike Rides



Utah Route 128



Utah Route 12



Burr Trail Scenic Byway



Petrified Forest/Painted Desert

Notes:  Any additional photos, please contact me - I would be happy to add them to the pages.


If you are interested on the details of my route, lodging, restaurants, and so forth, I have a page with into in a "Getting There" page.  It also includes some photos taken along Utah Rt 24.

Photos taken of Pertified Forest and Painted Desert were taken on the way home.



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