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When I'm out traveling the country on business, I have enjoyed getting off of the main roads. I take side trips along scenic highways and byways.  Sometimes these drives have been taken as part of a vacation trip.  In any event - getting off the interstate can present some beautiful scenery.



Alpine Loop, Colorado.

On May 24th, 2004 I rented a jeep and drove up into the mountains outside of  Silverton, Colorado.  My destination was the Alpine Loop Back Country Byway.  The weather was gorgeous, the air clear, the sky deep blue, and the scenery breathtaking.



Skyline Drive, Pone Express Route & Titus Canyon Road

Three of my favorite drives are detailed on my old website. These are Skyline Drive in Utah,  The Pony Express Route also in Utah, and Titus Canyon Road, in Death Valley.  I had pages from my old web site, but was deleted.  Working to reconstruct information of these drives.




.Loess Hills Scenic Byway

The Loess Hills (pronounced luss - rhyming with bus) are located along Western Iowa. The Hills are sculpted from silt deposited as glaciers retreated following the last ice age. They stretch along the Iowa side of the Big Sioux and Missouri River valleys from north of Sioux City to the Missouri border.



Nebo Loop Road and La Sal Mountain Drive.

Both of these drives are in Utah.  Nebo loop is south of Provo.  La Sal Mountain is near Moab.  

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