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UPDATE:  SOLD the RV!  Have not been using it, and it has just been sitting there depreciating.  Found a good now home for the RV - neighbor couple.

I've gotten the itch to get out on the road this summer. Hauling everything in and out of hotel rooms was not my idea of fun.  So, I started looking at purchasing a used Recreational Vehicle. I was looking for something not too big or expensive. I wanted something that also had all of my basic needs onboard.

I started looking at Class C vehicles.  The local RV dealer had a nice 29ft unit and was considering buying that one.  On my second visit to look at the unit, I asked if I was limiting myself too much by only looking at Class C vehicles, perhaps I should also look at short Class A units.  He had just taken one in and we went out to look at the vehicle - a 24ft Flair by Fleetwood.  Much closer to what I was looking for, so put down a deposit.

I headed on my first trip in the RV.  Unfortunately,  my sister lost her fight with cancer.  I canceled the first 4 days.  Being ill some 6 months, I finally for it out for a day - Field Day.  I found a couple limits - like the amount of power I can run and where the breakers are on the vehicle.



1989 Flair

 A couple of pictures at the dealer before they check it out and prep it for delivery.






Well, its home in the driveway.  Took care of the registration.  Now starting to work on getting the vehicle set up the way I want to take it on the road. Here's pictures if the inside when I got it home.






Kitchen area


Looking in outside door

From cab towards the back

Driver's cab

Purchased a small TV, mounting it on a corner shelf in the bedroom.  Installed one of the extra VCRs from the house on a night stand in the bedroom. Also purchased a small DVD player and mounted it above the VCR. Located a good place in the front for installation of a small stereo unit. I've started installation of my ham radio equipment.







Pulls made from 1" webbing added to drawers under counter

TV mounting

VCR and DVD mounting

Ham radio antenna mount

HF Transceiver mount for cab



 I have received several requests for information about the RV.  Guess they have problems getting wiring diagrams, manuals, etc.  As I can get them scanned, I will post them here.

Chassis Electrical - (5.34 MB)






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