Majestic "Brentwood"  


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[philco 60
[Zenith 7S363
[Emerson 587B



Year: 1933

Cabinet: Console, lowboy

Further Identification: Chassis Model 25

Circuit: Superheterodyne


Tubes: 9 {27 (oscillator), 27 (2- 2nd detector), 47 (2- audio amp), 51S (1st detector), 51S (RF Amp), 51 (IF Amp), 80 (rectifier)}

Power Source: AC

Approximate Value: $150

This radio was manufactured by the Grigsby-Grunow Company of Chicago, Ill. Speaker is 13" electro-magnetic. The 25 and 25B Chassis were used in the "Cheltonwood", "Brentwood" and "Brucewood" models.


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