Emerson Model 587B  


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Year: 1949

Cabinet: Black Plastic

Circuit: Superheterodyne

Coverage: AM Broadcast Band

Tubes: 5 (12BE6, 12BA6, 12AT6, 50B5, 35W4)

Power Source: AC/DC 120v

Approximate Value: $60

"Plastic" radios have become very popular as collector's items. The tube complement is 12BE6 mixer oscillator, 12BA6 IF, 12AT6 detector, 50B5 audio output and 35w4 rectifier. Many radios of this era were 120v AC/DC.  There is no power transformer.  Tube filaments are connected in series and a dropping resistor used if necessary.  In this 5 tube example, no dropping resistor is needed because the filaments total 121v.


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