Philco Model 60  


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Year: 1933

Further Identification: Code 121

Cabinet: Cathederal Table

Circuit: Superheterodyne

Coverage: 530 Khz - 4MHz

Tubes: 5 (6A7, 42, 75, 78, 80)

Power Source: AC (115v 50-60 Hz)

Approximate Value:  $140

"Cathederal" Radios were very popular during the 1930s and Philco made thousands of them. The "Cathederal" cabinet gets its name because the shape is similar to a cathederal window. This is a two band set with  band one ranging from 530 to 1500kc and band two ranging from 1.5 to 4.0mc. This five tube set utilizes the 6A7 (first detector and oscillator), 42 (second AF), 75 (second detector and first AF), 78 (IF), and 80 (rectifier) tubes.  Intermediate frequency is 460 kilohertz. The set features four controls; Tuning, Off-On/Volume, Band Switch, and Tone.


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