Atwater Kent Model 20  


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Big Box

 Year: 1924

Cabinet: Low Profile Table

Circuit: TRF - Tuned Radio Frequency

Tubes: 5 - UX201A

Power Source: Batteries

Approximate Value: $100

The five-tube TRF 20 Big Box may be the easiest to find of the early three-dial battery sets. It went into production on April 30, 1924. In that year 78,321 sets were produced. 109,027 were built in 1925, and 2,422 in 1926, for a total production of 189,770. In October, 1924 the Big Box was priced at $100. By December, 1925 the price had been reduced to $80. The tube complement is: two '01A RF amps, '01A grid-leak detector, '01A first audio and '01A audio output.


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