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HDR - High Dynamic Range


The human eye responds to a wider range of light than film.   Modern digital camera sensors suffer from less range of light they can capture.  

HDR photography is a system that enhances the photographic image which can created the whitest whites and blackest blacks in the same image without clipping.  Software combines at least 2 exposures of the same image (generally 3 or more expsoures).   Through an algortihm, they are tone mapped and saved in a format the monitors and printers can handle.

The technique can result in vivid colors and some detailed photos.  The process can also result in some very surreal photos.

I will attempt to discuss the technique, software, and processes that I have investigated and used.


Photograph Editors


Photo editors are the workhorse of the digital darkroom.   The best known (and more expensive) editor is Photoshop.  There's a photo editor for every budget - from Photoshop at $699 (list) to free Paint.Net (open source).

The software I use and/or have used will be listed on these pages.




Plug-ins can greatly increase the funtionality of photo editors.  Plug-ins are also know as "filters".  There are filters that add borders.  Many add toning to the photo (such as sepia toning) once done with chemicals.  Others add special effects to the photo.

Caution:  Before you purchase plug-ins, make sure they will work with your photo editor.  Most work with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.


Specialty Software


This is software created to accomplish a limited number of functions.  They may be to stitch photo, resize, add watermark, etc.


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