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I have been partial to Canon cameras.  The first new SLR camera I purchase was a Canon FTb-QL.  (I quickly was spoiled by the QL system.)  While my original FTb was stolen years ago, I tried to replace any SLR with a FTb.  

Currently, my film camera bag includes the FTb,  an AE-1, and  an AT-1. When using the 3 bodies (mostly for trips) I would have one loaded with slower speed color film, one with higher speed color film, and the last with black and white film.

When Canon changed to the EOS system, held on to my previous (FD mount lens) system.  My first Canon EOS is my Digital Rebel.





Canon FTb

Canon AE-1

Canon AT-1

The Canon AT-1 has been sent as a gift for my cousins daughter.  She has a interest in B&W film photography.  The same place all of my old darkroom equipment has gone.




All of the cameras came with the standard 50 mm lenses.  In addition, I purchased after-market lenses.

Most of the time, one of the bodies is equipped with a Vivitar, 28-70 mm, f 1:3.5-4.8 zoom with Macro.  (Manufactured by Cosina).

My pride and joy was my Vivitar Series 1, 70-210 mm, f 1:3.5 lens.  I purchased that lens in Dubai while there in a business trip. Vivitar sold lenses manufatured by several other companies. My lens was manufactured by Kiron.

in 2012, I purchased a Bower lens adapter.  The adapter allow me to mount these lenses on my EOS Rebel DSRL cameras.  I get light metering, but not auto focusing.  Then again, that's what I had with the older cameras.






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