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Photoshop by Adobe is the gold standard for photo editing.  However, There are some much less expensive options.  Here, I am listing the various programs I have and have used.

Photoshop Elements


Photoshop Elements 9 contains most of the funtionality of Photoshop and a fraction of the cost.  Photoshop plug-ins work with Elements.  My Canon scanner came with Elements, but it was a very old version.  I purchased Elements 9 because of the newer version of Adobe Camera Raw.

Since then, I have upgraded to PhotoShop Elements 11 bundle with Premier Elements 11.

Paint Shop Pro


This software is similar to Photoshop Elements.  Picked up the Ulimate version for a song.  Verified that it works with my Topaz Labs plug-ins.  Will be testing the software.

Paint Shop Pro X4
Full $79.99
Ulimate $99.99
There is/was a special offer - $29.99 - through 9/4/12

Free 30 day trial downloadable (full version, no watermark)

Microsoft Digitial Image Pro 7.0


This is some old software but I still use it.  Its great for quick editing, resizing, and adding text.


Paint dot net is an open source (free) image and photo editing software.
Free (donations accepted)

Photo Plus


Photo plus is software by Serif.  There is a free version with limited editing functions.  PhotoPlus supports non-automated Adobe Photoshop-compatible plug-in filters.
Full $89.99




Plug-ins are pieces of software that add funtionality to photo editors.  Not all photo editors accept plug-ins.  

I have not had any problems with plug-ins in Photoshop Elements 9

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