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The Canon EOS Digital Rebels come equipped with an EF-S 18mm - 55mm lens.  It is a good lens for most general shots.  The lens that came with the Rebel T1i is an "Image Stablization" lens.

Soon after purchasing my first Rebel, I added a telephoto zoom.  Recently, a super wide-angle lens was added to the kit.  Now, a macro lens has added, to round out the camera bag.

Canon - Telephoto Zoom


Bought my telephoto zoom soon after purchasing the original Digiral Rebel.  The lens is 70-300 mm for full frame (so factor in about 1.6x for an effective 112 to 480 mm.

I use this lens many times for the mountain bike races.


Tamron  F/3.5-4.5 Di II Wide-Angle Zoom


Purchased this lens before my October 2011 trip to Minnesota for fall colors.  The lens is for APS-C cameras.  Focal length is 10-24mm.


Tamron SP 60mm F/2 Macro


The newest lens in my kit.  While a macro lens has been on my wish list, I was not ready to go out and buy one.  But Rockboork Camera (Omaha) was having their tent sale.  Got a good deal on this lens.

Looking to put the lens to good use shooting flowers.




The zoom lenses I have left a gap in their coverage.  The normal lens that came with Rebel cameras are 18-55mm.  My telephoto is 70-300mm (times 1.6 crop factor).  Was looking for a lens to shoot mountain bike races without changing lenses and not in the gap in the coverage.

The answer was the Tamron 18-200mm.  This lens is usually mounted on the Canon 60D.


Lensbaby Circular Fisheye


This lens is mostly for fun.  The 5.8mm lens gives a circular image. Field of view is 185 degrees!

I had an auxiliary fisheye lens for my old Canon FT camera.  Enjoying exerienting with the Lensbaby lens.


Holga Lens Set


Another lens that is mostly for fun.  Makes the DSLR run like a pin hole camera

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