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 This page is about camera-mounted filters.  

UV Filter


I have a UV filter screwed into each of my lenses.  Recently I have been seeing recommendations that the filter should not be used - since it is another level of glass.  For me, its cheap insurance for the lenses.


Circular Polarizing


A "Must Have" for any D-SLR camera kit.  

I do not use the polarizer when shooting HDR.  With the bracketed exposures and processing with HDR software, I get the resulrts I look for.  May need to experiment the polarizer to filter water reflections, etc.

Also do not use the polarizing filter when shooting mountain bike races.  Mostly because I do not have the time to adjust the filter before taking the shot.


Graduated Neutral Density


Graduated neutral density filters are generally used to darken the sky for landscape photos.  Have had mixed resulrts with this filter.  Will take more practice.


Neutral Density 4


These filters are used to allow slower shutter speeds.  Mostly used to slwo down/smooth out water and waterfalls.

Looking at purchasing a variable neutral density filter - though they a a bit expensive.


Close-up Filters


I have a set of 3 (+1. +2, +4) 58mm screw-on close-up filters.  Tey have not used much as they do not give the desired effect.  Hoping that the macro lens will to the trick.


Special Effects Filter(s)


Cross Screen x4

This filter flares out lights.  Great for night shots

Star Six



Extention Tubes

Picked up 13mm, 21mm, and 31mm extension tubes for my Canon "S" (maller sensor) cameras




I would love to get a longer focal length lens for my 60D.  But, I don's see paying about $1k for a lense that would seldom be used.  I opted for $100 2X teleconverted

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