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Electronic Flash - Quantaray QDC 900WA


The Quantaray 900WA Digital for Canon is fully dedicated and E-TTL compatible. It is designed to work seamlessly with any Canon digital or traditional SLR. The new lower profile and metal flash foot will insure many years of reliable flash photography.  (Per Ritz Camera)

The flash is no longer available.  I purchased it about 2005.  The photos I shoot, it is seldom used. the on-camera flash is normally sufficient for my purposes.


Planning to use the flash with the remote trigger system I purchased in 2012.


Tripod - Sunpak Platinum Plus


This is a very sturdy tripod and not very expensive.  Take this tripod with me on trips.  Expect it will be used more with the new 60mm macro lens for flowers.


Monopod - Manfrotto 681


This 3-section monopod supports over 25 pounds.  My monopod has been equipped with a Manfrotto 3229 head. The head is "swivel-tilt" with quick release.

I though I would use it a lot when standing in one spot shooting mountain bike races.  However, I found hand-held shooting is easier.


Cable/Electronic Triggers


Canon RS60 wired shutter release


This shutter release has been great for night and low light shooting.  




Phottix Strato II - 5 in 1 Trigger Set


Purchased this trigger system in 2012.  Looking to use it to trigger the camera for self-portraits on the bicycle.  Also planning to use it with the flash for trail-side fill light.


Bolt Ring Light


Almost a necessity for macro photography. When I saw this light for under $80, I added to my list for next purchase order.  Have yet to use the light.


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