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The best photography equipment is not the key for great photos.  It can enhance the process,  make it easier,  But some of my best shots were taken on inexpensive cameras.  

Film Cameras


It has been a while since I last used any of my film camera.  But, they are what a used for many years.


Digital Cameras


Once I switched to digital (in 2004) with a Digital SLR, all of my photography has been digital.

Here's where you will find the other equipment in my camera kit - Lenses, tripods and such.

Other Cameras


This section is for video cameras. helmet cams, and such.


Darkroom Equipment


Packed up my old wet processing equipment.  Shipped to Kenosha, WI for a cousin.  


Image Capture


Scanners and such




Here you will see the software I have used.  



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