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The "art" of photography is capturing images that most people do not see.

I enjoy photography. Over the years I have taken a lot of pictures.  Until the mid 1980's, most were taken as color slides. Recently they have been color prints or digital.  On my old site, I was limited to 10MB, so had to greatly limit the number and size of the photos I published.  

Photos taken before 2004 were taken on film cameras.  

In 2004, I bit the bullet and bought a Canon EOS Digital Rebel.  On a trip to Colorado in 2004, I brought the 35mm cameras (3 bodies and lots of lenses).  Most of the photos I took on that trip were with the digital.  I brought the 33mm cameras on one more trip, but did not use them.  

Over those years I have also used several Canon point and shoot cameras.  They almost always are with me - on the bike or in the car.  In 2009, I added the new Canon Digital Rebel T1i.  In 2011 I bought a Canon S95 "Point & Shoot" camera.  It can take bracketed exposures in both JPG and RAW.  Its now the camera I carry in my cycling jersey.

Ine 2013, I was looking for a better lens for shooting mountian races - wide range zoom.  While looking at the Tamron 18-200, I also looked at and purchese a new carmer.  My "go to" DSLR is not the Canon 60D with Tamron lens.

I've been doing a lot of sorting and scanning of photos and negatives. Please bear with me as many of these pages are still under construction.

Recently added pages:

Photos by State  I have started categorizing different photo pages arranged by state.  I hope it helps folks (and me) find photos better on this site.

Two trips to the SW in 2015.  Photos are added in California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico pages "by State". Included were pages of Mojave National Preserve, Orange Empire Railway Museum, Idyllwild, Salt River Canyon  Salinas Pueblo Missions,  Black Canyon the the Gunnison, Aztec Ruins National Monument, Angel Peak Scenic Area and Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

Echo in Portland (Maine) my Army reunion group.  It includes my tourist stops in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Bar Harbor, ME, and Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio

Trip to Glacier - my big trip for the year 2013.  I had wanted to make it to Glacier for many years.  Now its off my bucket list.

Bicycling My passion. Check out the NaugaBike section.

Finally (for now) I am working on a section of this web site to sell some of my prints.  For now, I have been displaying some of my photos (are are available for sale) on the Photography Blog





199th LIB Reno

2017 Reunion

Photos By State



Echo In Portland

2014 Reunion

Trip to Glacier


Echo In Las Vegas

2012 Reunion

Florida - 2011



Echo In Branson

2011 Reunion


Echo In South Carolina

2010 Reunion 


Echo In Arizona

2009 Reunion

Family, Friends, & Home



Echo In Michigan

2008 Reunion

Albuquerque and New Mexico


Echo In Florida

2007 Reunion


Minnesota Landscape Arboretum 




Echo In the Rockies

2006 Reunion 


Parks and 



More National

Parks and



New England




US Army &

Viet Nam


Joe's Retirement









Echo in Georgia

2/3rd - 199th

2004 Reunion 

US Space & Rocket Center


 Echo in Branson

2/3rd - 199th

2005 Reunion



Trails, Ride, and Photos



Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills 

Artsy Photos


Zoos, Wild Animal Parks & Aquariums 


 State Parks




 Under Construction


 The difference between an amateur and professional photographer:  The amateur shows you ALL of his photographs.



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