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Antique Radio Collection.


I've been collecting old radios for many years.  The collection started while growing up in Wisconsin.  I did routine service, tube testing and replacement for neighbors and relatives.  When the decided to get a new radio or TV, many times they would give me the old set.

I still have the first 2 television sets that my parents owned.

Most of the time I would work to get them running.  Sometimes, the problem would be beyond my scope and would disassemble them for parts.

Soon I was hooked and bought a couple at actions and antiques stores.  I have not added to the collection recently - figured better to get the ones I have working again than buy more.  I was planning to restore/refurbish some of them after I retired.  But, I got instested in cycling after my heart valve replacement.  Time to start selling off part of the collection.

Here are some of the radios in my collection:

Atwater Kent Model 20

Philco Model 60

Zenith Model 7S363

Emerson Model 587B

Atwater Kent Model E

Majestic "Brentwood"

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