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In the mid-90s, I traveled to Kelso, California to witness RFI testing on locomotives.  Kelso is at the base of Cima hill in the middle of the Mojave Desert (some 90 miles South of Las Vegas).  I wanted to check out changes in the area.  Wanted to see if the Cima store was still there.  While working in Kelso, heard the the depot was going to be restored.

I got off I-15 at the Nipton, CA exit and followed the signes into the Mojave National Preserve and Kelso, CA.  The section of the preserve I was driving through getting to Cima if loaded with Joshua Trees.  The Cima Store is boarded up.  The old Kelso Depot is now a beautifully restored building, serving as the preserve visitor center. Toured the depot.  Watched a UP train as it sped past the depot.

Heading South towards Palm Springs I saw a sign to Kelso Dunes.  There's a large sand dune in the middle of the preserve.


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