New Mexico Ghost Towns


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My interest in ghost towns mostly photographing old buildings.  I say "ghost town" in quotes as these towns are not ghost towns as depicted in TV westerns.  The population of these towns have waxed and waned as the economies of the area changed. 

During my trip in 2013, I traveled the Turquose Trail.  I know know that  took photos in 2 of those towns - Madrid and Cerrillos.  I was also through Folsom while exploring Capulin Volcano new Raton, NM.  There are some photos of these towns on my Capulin Volcano page.

When I planned my January 2014 trip to New Mexico, I was looking to explore a couple of these ghost towns.  Checking the books at the White Sands Visitor Center, I picked up a copy of "Ghost Towns Alive - Trips to New Mexico's Past" by Linda G. Harris.  The book has information about 70 these once thriving towns.  The New Mexico tourism site indicates an estimated 400 ghost towns.  Some are just memories or just foundations.

As I explore more of these "Ghost Towns" I will be crearing pages for this web site.  Clicking on the photo or title will take you to that page.

Misc "Towns"

Cerrillos & Waldo

Folsom & Johnson Mesa

Hillsboro & Kingston






Lincoln & White Oaks





Driving through Kansas and Colorado getting to/from New Mexico, I have photographed many interesting old, abandoned buildings.  Some of them just ruins.  Figured this would be a good place as any to post them. Still sorting and locating the buildings.  Web page is being created.

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