Iraq, Vietnam, and the "War on Terrorism"



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"The Emperor has no clue"


The war in Iraq has had a strong effect on me since early 2004.  Similarities with Vietnam triggered some Post Traumatic Stress.  The continuing lies from the Bush administration and the senseless deaths of our troops are a national disgrace.

I agreed that we needed to go into Afghanistan and take care of the situation there.  There was proof that they were the home base of the 9/11 Terrorists.  The problem is that we put that effort on the back burner for the current efforts in Iraq.

But, Bin Laben was killed.  We do not need to spend dollars and lived in "nation building" there.  We need to rebuild our own country.  I am pleaseed we are out of Iraq, now lets bring our troops back home from Afghanistan!

Listed below are some on my thoughts regarding Iraq, Vietnam and the "War on Terrorism".

Too Many Field Crosses  Originally written in the Spring of 2004.

Iraq - Another Vietnam?  Similarities between conditions during Vietnam and today.

What Gives Us the Right? - What right do we have to impose democracy on the Iraqis?

Don't get me wrong, I support our troops.  But I believe the best way to support them is to



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