Iraq - Another Vietnam?



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We are told by the Bush Administration that Iraq is NOT another Vietnam.  I can certainly see some distinct similarities. 



During the 1964 election campaign, Barry Goldwater said we needed to send more troops to Vietnam or get out.  President Johnson called Goldwater a war monger and said we did not need more troops.  Following the 1964 election the US started a major build-up of troops in Vietnam. 

The Bush Administration kept telling us we had enough troops in Iraq.  Now we need to send an additional 12,000 or more troops to Iraq.

In the 60s we learned of the “domino effect.”  If we did not fight communism in Southeast Asia, communism would spread until we were fighting it at home.

The Bush Administration says we need to fight terrorism in Iraq or we will be fighting it at home.

In Vietnam we could not identify friend from foe.  We called the enemy “guerillas”.

In Iraq we cannot distinguish between friend and foe.  We call the enemy “terrorists” (Bush Administration) or “insurgents” (News media).

“Vietnamization” was an effort to train Vietnam forces to defend their own country.  It didn’t work and Vietnam eventually fell to the communists.

In Iraq the Bush Administration says we are training Iraqi forces to defend their own country – its not working.  Iraqi police forces are running scared and failing to report for duty.

During Vietnam, Americans fled to Canada to avoid the draft – to avoid serving in a unjust, illegal war.

Today American Soldiers are deserting to Canada to avoid serving in an unjust, illegal war.



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