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Ham Radio - WA9LKD

Got my first license (Novice Class) in May 1964 as WN9LKD.  Spent a lot of time on the air that year, studied hard and got my General Class in April 1965.


My first computer was Heathkit Microprocessor Trainer.  From there I graduated to a Commodore Vic 20 with 5K of RAM!.


 All the traveling has kept me from doing any electronic design work.  Decided it was time to get some test equipment together to work on another of my interests - my antique radio and TV collection.  So, I bought an oscilliscope on e-bay and set up a bench. My first project was a function generator.


I have enjoyed photography for many years. Most of my pictures have been taken on vacation or as a hobbie.  For several years I was the photographer for my VFW post in New Hampshire.

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