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In 2013, I decided to forego the annual trip to my Army Reunion.  The year's reunion is held in Kissmmee, Florida.  Been there, done that, met the "Mouse".  For years, I have been wanting to visit Glacier National Park.  And, since no future reunions are scheduled in the NW of the country, this looked to be the good time to head to Montana.

While I preferred to travel in September, things started closing at Glacier after Labor Day.  And, if I am driving that far, I might as well catch Theodore Roosevelt NP on the way West.  Then Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks on the way home.

This was the first trip with my new camera.  Started taking photos in Theodore Roosevelt NP with the Canon 60D.  Planned to take mostly HDR photos.  In the park, I noticed that the bracketing function was not functioning right.  I had been selecting the menu, and setting the EV window.  Then I would return to return to snapping frames.  WRONG!  I forgot the step of pushing "set" after setting the exposure window.  Once I did that, I started getting true bracketed exposures.  Very happy I resolved this issue early in the trip.



Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Glacier National Park

 Yellowstone National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Black Hills of South Dakota

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Sunset Cruise

Hit & Miss

There a lot of photos here.  I hope they give you a flavor of my trip and the way I travel.

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