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In December, 2011, I had the oportunity to visit Florida for Christmas.  An invite to visit friends that moved there.  I decided to take them up and drove to Palm Coast, FL

After a long driving day, I cut the second driving day short and played tourist.  Spend the night in Macon, GA and visited the Ocmulgee National Monument

The first morning after I arrives in Palm Coast, was the Wednesday Bike Ride out of PC Bike.  The ride was on the Lehigh Greenway Trail.

Thursday was one of two "tourist" days.  The second one was Friday (just could not get up for a bike ride Friday).  Tourist days were spend checking out Ft. Matanzas, Washington Oaks State Park, St. Augustine, Castilla de San Marcos, and Fountain of Youth.

Saturday morning was another PC Bike shop ride.  This one was a tour of Palm Coast.  For information about my bike rides, check this link.

Christmas morning was perfect for a ride in the dirt.  And my mind was ready for it.  I headed to Mala Compra for a mountain bike ride.

Monday morning I was back on the pavement.  I wanted to take photos of some of the trails I rode on the Saturday morning ride.  Report on this ride is in Trail Tour.

Finally - friends kept telling me that I had to check out Princess Place Preserve.  As a break from packing, I heqaded out there to look for myself.

First (and only) night on the way back, I stopped in Chattanooga.  Was thinking of riding again at Chickamauga Battlefield.  The morning weather was cool and foggy, so just got on the road home.  Still feeling pretty good at St. Louis, pushed on to home.


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