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All the traveling has kept me from doing any electronic design work.  Decided it was time to get some test equipment together to work on another of my interests - my antique radio and TV collection.  So, I bought an oscilliscope on e-bay and set up a bench. My first project was a function generator.

Function Generator

I decided that a function generator would be a handy thing to have.  Checked some old electronics magazines and talked to my ham radio friends at Tuesday breakfast.  Eventually decided to build it around the Exar 2206 chip.

Once I find my notes and diagrams, I'll add a page providing further details on this project.

Audio Amplifier

This will be my next project.  Planning to work around the LM380 or LM384 chip.  I've heard they are difficult to keep from oscillating - will see when I get around to breadboarding.


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