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I wasn't sure what to expect, but in June I headed towards Columbus, GA for Echo company's 2004 reunion.  Echo Company includes the Rat Patrol and Snipers that I lived with while in Vietnam. I had been checking the reunion website regularly to see if any of the guys I knew had signed up for the reunion - no luck.  

Over the previous months I had been chatting with the guys from Delta Company but was unable to attend their reunion due to prior commitments.  I had also chatted with some of the Echo guys and exchanged e-mails with them.  I also found out that Robby Gouge - author of a book about the 199th would be there.  So, I decided to see what these reunions were all about.

On the way through St. Louis, I stopped an visited Mike Viehman, another Chaplain Assistant with the 199th the same time I was there.  Had a nice visit with him.  Made the trip to Columbus in 2 days.  Arriving Monday afternoon, I checked in with the reunion host hotel before going to my hotel.

I found the hospitality room and entered - not knowing a soul.  Waving my hand in the doorway I introduced myself.  The guy closest to the door introduced himself as Don, gave me a hug and said "Welcome Home, Brother."  Introductions around, I visited for a while,  went to my hotel to check in, changed clothes and joined the group for dinner.

It was a busy week.  I've set up separate pages by day.  The calendar below provides links to these pages.


Tuesday - Plains & Andersonville, GA

Jimmy Carter Historical Sites

National POW Memorial & Museum

Wednesday - Pine Mountain & Warm Springs, GA

Callaway Gardens

FDR's Little White House

Thursday - Columbus, GA

Golf Outing

Heritage Tour

Friday - Columbus, GA

Ft. Benning

Civil War Naval Museum

Saturday, Columbus, GA



Hospitality Room and Dinner Pictures

Reflections - Thoughts on my first reunion


Sunday morning I stopped by to have breakfast with the group before heading towards home.

I drove as far as Huntsville.AL on Sunday.  Drove a portion of the Talledega Scenic Byway - got lost finding it. Ended up driving about 10 miles on a National Forest gravel road to get to the byway.  

Monday morning I toured the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.




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