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Welcome to NaugaBike


I was not happy with the structure of the bicycling pages on my web site. Also, I wanted to expand the cycling section. Bicycling has become my passion. First, what got me to this stage?

On completion of cardiac rehab, I was looking to continue my exercising.  Now, the treadmill got me in better shape, but using that did not do things for me. Running or just walking did not interest me either.  I started looking at getting on  a bicycle.



Bicycles abound at the discount retailers.  The problem was that seemed there were no one around to help me pick out a bike.  Lucky for me,  I stopped by Xtreme Wheels and Bill spent time with me, listening what was looking for. Now I have not been on a bicycle since my youth!  Bill fitted me up for a Trek Navigator 200 and a was the way on my bicycle adventures.

Cycling has become my life.  When I am not on the trails, you will find me working on my computer.  Much of that time is creating and maintaining my web sites and blog.





In the following web pages you will find information on my stable of bicycles, bike rides, trails, and mountain biking.  Enjoy!


Photo Web Site




The efforts needed to shoot mountain bike races became too much for me.   I have stopped that business.  With fewer races during a year in my area, it also stopped being a financially viable enterprise.

I also have a photo blog.  Some of my recent and/or better photos are displayed there and available for sale.



Recent updates and additions:


Check out my blog.


I have published a booklet detailing how I plan my trips.  "Traveling With My Bicycles" is available as an e-book is available from Amazon

Sculptures have been added along Pike Bike Trail in the harbor aea of Kenosha, WI.

Trip to NE Iowa and SW, Wisconsin.  Rode trail in Decorah, IA, La Crosse area, WI, and Lanesboro, MN

Added trails ridden during my Army Reunion trip to Maine.


Bicycle Trails 2016 version are now available Contact me about ordering a copy.



 My passion for bicycle riding includes membership in and working with several organizations.  

T.H.O.R. (Trails Have Our Respect) takes care of many of the trails in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Mountain bike advocacy association.

Rails To Trails Conservancy - Membership and donation to the group supports trails from old railroad lines.

 Real Bikers Pedal!

A few words about the name of this web site. Years ago friends on me named my property as The Nauga Ranch.  Some time, catch me on my bike, and I will give you the story.  It deals with those critters called Naugas and prized for the hide.

 Updated 12/2/15

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