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Welcome to my electronic home.

Pull up a chair, sit a spell, and have a look around. I've added several pages of pictures from National Parks. There's a section of pictures and notes on my tour in Vietnam.

Another series of pages of photos and recollections from my trips to the E 2/3 reunions. Many of the trips to the reunion includes a week or two on the road visiting state and national parks.

Published my first calendar of images of New Mexico,Settling into my new home state.  Looking forward to exploring more of the "Land of Enchantment".

Working to merge my photography web site into this web site.  The host of the web site did not have software that would combine photo gallery and shopping cart without paying for programming.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Tom Winfield

Shameless Plugs

OK, here are links to my other web sites and blogs.  Some are created within this web site, others are hosted separately.  





This is the bicycle section of this web site.  The URL is





My cycling blog.  Here's where you will find stuff that has not (yet in some cases) found its way into the web site.  The URL is





The best of my photographs and artistic renditions are here with link within the photography web site.





Merging the old photography web site into this web site, it has its own index and structure.  Here's the URL





Like my cycling blog, the photography blog hosts photos and information that will generally find its way into the web site.  Blog URL is


Recent changes/additions to the site


Race and Events photo site is down for the time being.  Races were not making it worth my while and my body has been compalining too loudly after one of these shoots.

Photos by State  I have started categorizing different photo pages arranged by state.  I hope it helps folks (and me) find photos better on this site.

I HAVE MOVED!  I really enjoy living in New Mexico.  The local ham radio club (High Desert ARC) is very active. I have volunteered to helped man the club's display at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  I have made 2 trips with  my cousin to Las Vegas for the West Coast Pipe Show.  My big trip for 2017 was to Reno, NV for the 199th LIB (Viet Nam unit) reunion.  Took the time for a 3 week trip visiting the SW.  Celebrated by 70th birthday with New Mexico friends.


About this site.


I enjoy taking pictures.  So you will see that much of the site is taken up with my photographs.

The Naugaranch site (previous web site) was created with WebExpress. While the software was easy to use, it had limitations, considering the number of photos I wanted to put in this website.  This website is created with WebEditor 5.5.

The site is hosted by  If you are thinking of your own website, check them out. Prices are very reasonable and loaded with extras.

 Site last updated 4/6/2018


I'd like to hear from you. Please drop me a note.



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